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Sample of a Home Inspection using Infrared Camera (Thermography) techniques.

This is a non-destructive testing technique, which is defined as the non-contact imaging and analysis of thermal energy from the surface of an object. An Infrared Camera detects and converts energy from the infrared spectrum into the visible spectrum. This technology allows the Inspector to “see” things that normally would not be detectable.
Within the scope of a Home Inspection, the Licenced, Certified Master Inspector, who is also a Certified L-1 Thermographer, can identify and locate such things as:

  • Missing, compressed or improperly installed Insulation.
  • Wet areas or active leaks.
  • Excessive/significant air movement/leaks.
  • Issues with Electric or Hydronic radiant floor heat systems.

Assured Home Inspections  uses this infrared technology with each and every inspection, to identify significant anomalies. as part of our Home Inspection Service to you. This is not to be confused with, or interpreted as, a Home Energy Audit or Home Energy Assessment Report.

Not all infrared is the same. Assured Home Inspections only uses high quality Infrared Cameras with 640 x 480 pixels. Higher resolution thermal imagers are considerably more expensive than low resolution thermal imagers and provide superior results. While other inspection firms may advertise the use of Infrared, many use cheaper, low quality/low resolution equipment (160 x 120 pixels or less) which does not perform well; especially during warm weather. Users who are not adequately trained in the use of infrared equipment may also or miss issues or misinterpret thermograms.

View Infrared Camera Image Samples Here